What I watched

The Beginning

Fallout - The Beginning


The Radio

Fallout - The Radio

Every generation has their own dumbass ideas…

The Trap

Fallout - The Trap

What happens when the ranchers have more power than the Sheriff?

The Past

Fallout - The Past

Everyone wants to save the world…

The Ghouls

Fallout - The Ghouls

Death to Management.

The Head

Fallout - The Head

The Wasteland's got its own Golden Rule…

The Target

Fallout - The Target

I know life can't have been easy up here…

The End

Fallout - The End

Okey dokey...

Some Impropriety?

Taskmaster - Some Impropriety?

Will Steve Pemberton's no-vowels gamble pay off? Why does Sophie Willan love to balance items on her head? What does Nick Mohammed think is going to happen to those eggs? And why is Joanne McNally sniffing Little Alex Horne's beard?

Episode Several

Survivor - Episode Several

A rogue vote at the last tribal council launches a blame game throughout camp. Players must keep their balance to keep their game alive and win immunity. Then, castaways must decide between past loyalties and future strategies in one of the most important tribal councils of the season.